Volvo Cars Diplomatic Sales


When your new Volvo is completed and ready for delivery, you decide where, when and how and your Volvo will be waiting for you:

  • Collect your new Volvo at our official Factory Delivery Centre in Gothenburg, Sweden - the home of Volvo. This exciting VIP experience includes a host of enviable benefits including lunch at the Volvo restaurant and a tour of the Volvo plant or the Volvo Brand Experience Centre. Great if you’re planning on embarking upon a European driving vacation.

  • Take delivery of your Volvo at any one of a number of collection points located in major cities throughout the EU, or virtually any port in the rest of the world (we can even arrange shipping and marine insurance).

  • If you’re planning to move or return to North America, we make sure your new Volvo is shipped directly from the factory to the USA - with marine insurance, customs clearance and import duty included in the bargain. We also make sure you can pick up your Volvo at your nearest Volvo dealer in the US. What’s more, if you would like to drive your Volvo in Europe before leaving for North America, simply tell us where you would like to have your Volvo sent in the US. Then leave the car at any one of more than twenty strategically located European drop-off points and Volvo will arrange forward shipment on to the USA and direct to your local Volvo dealer.Click here if you’d like to download a brochure with more information about Volvo’s North America ‘Home Shipment Program’.

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